Who we are

Our goal at CordBloodGuide.com is to provide the public with accurate and up to date information on the many aspects of cord blood banking.

We are a small team of professionals with a passion for educating expecting parents on the many benefits of cord blood banking. That’s why we’ve teamed up with our flagship property, the CordBloodBanking.com, to provide a reliable resource, where your online information guide can be downloaded with the click of a button. Our mission at CordBloodGuide.com is to educate parents on the numerous medical advances behind cord blood banking, and the benefits of storing or donating your child’s umbilical cord blood.

Helping families worldwide

CordBloodGuide.com was written to assist families with information from all across the globe. We are located in the United States, though our guide has been able to help families in need of information from all around the world.

One click, reliable, up-to-date information

As requested. CordBloodGuide.com was created as a one-stop, one-click, online guide where all of your cord blood banking questions can be answered in one place.

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If you’d like to ask us a question or need more information, you can reach us at info@cordbloodbanking.com or by phone through (888) 780-2885.

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